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Neal Sessions

Neal Sessions is a fifth generation Georgian and native of Atlanta. He is a real estate investor and practices residential and commercial closings and simple estate planning. He obtained his undergraduate degree and an M.B.A. from Emory University and his law degree from Georgia State University. In addition to his academic credentials. He has a strong background in finance and accounting and has been licensed as a CPA and NMLS mortgage broker in Georgia. Neal will often undertake atypical transactions such as those involving multiple ownership interests, liens, tax deeds, and boundary disputes. With a focus on real estate, he expertly guides clients through probate and divorce settlements. This determined, client-centric focus helps ensure that your settlement transactions are smooth and hassle free. Outside of the office, Neal enjoys cycling, sailing, and spending time with his daughters.

Headshot of Jim Patterson, a founder of Eastern Closing Services and Patterson Law Group.

James R. Patterson

Jim Patterson is a founder of Eastern Closing Services and Patterson Law Group. Jim earned a B.A. from the University of South Carolina and a J.D. from Atlanta Law School. Prior to founding Eastern Closing Services, Jim practiced real estate law for over 30 years, focusing on residential and commercial closings and foreclosures. Jim is a master gardener and enjoys traveling and dining with his wife when not practicing law.