Fee Summary – Florida

Standard Fees for Cash Purchase of Residential Property in the State of Florida. Overestimations will be corrected before closing. Any overages paid will be refunded to the borrower.

Title Charges

Signing Fee with Notary$190 Refi
$225 Purchase and Sale
Settlement/Processing Fee$470.00
Title Binder$125.00
Title Examination$250.00 Refi
$300.00 Purchase and Sale
E-Filing Fee$20.00
Post-Closing Fee to Seller$40.00

Government Recording Charges

Recording Fee$210.00

Government Taxes

Transfer Tax$0.70 per $100 of sales price
Intangible TaxThe nonrecurring intangible tax rate is 2 mills. The tax is calculated by multiplying the amount of the obligation secured by Florida real property by 0.002.